Trek to Basani water fall

Few days break from my daily life from Delhi, I been to my home town, planning to find something interesting for my new project of making people trek.
Somehow I been to Basani village, 320 kms far from Delhi. When I reached a place called "Basani Village" I got so many stories about Cave, Waterfall and other interesting things. lets read & check out my trek pics. Meet my local guide Mr. Ram

Starting point of my trek, known as Bawan Daat means 52 gates

Calm but amazing way to Basani Village

Home of Dimak

View from a village tea shop, me & my local village friend had some chola's with tea

My very famous Black Horse, always with me when I travel

One more way out click

Don't have name of this but generally found the rainforest

Me (Ghumakari Baba) & my guide friends Mr. Ram

Another guy from Basani Village mat me at way to Basani, he asked for left & next day he was with me fro a long trek to cave of baba ji

Finally we reached the cave after 3 hours of trek, saw cave & kund

Guess what it can be?

I thought I found an ancient cave of lord Shiva


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