Visit to Dwarahat Ashram & Pandukholi

I am not what I am. Planning for how to write my life stories?

My last visit to "Dev Bhumi" known as land of Gods (Uttrakhand, previously known as Uttranchal). This place is known as Pandukholi, 480 kms far from New Delhi. You can see the entrance gate Pandukholi. From this gate you have to trek 2.5 kms to reach the ashram & place known as Bhim Singh Kataur, in local language means sleeping mattress of Bhim.I will like to share the small but amazing hospitable people next to this gate. You can have tea & maggi or some local biskuts etc at this tea stall. You can have some great stories of their grandfather, famouse by the name 'Sikari'.

 View from the top of hill. Place known as Bhatkot in local language.

Start of my trip to Uttrakhand, I took down to get this view

Known as "Ranikhet" I found interesting place to see Himalayas near Delhi. You can have great Himalayan view with relaxing, cool climate with some local must see atractions like Golf Couse, Binsar & Hera Khand Temple. 

I  really don't know that how can I express my self that why I am just posting my clicks. Hope you will get idea that why I clicked.

An ancient temple near city of Dwarahat, just 450 kms from Delhi. You can also find some of stone craved temple in same locality. 

Don't know what I want to do "fly like a bird"

Same pics from local temple of Dwarahat

How is my click?

Story of the ancient temple?

Temple of lord Shiva

Kitchin in a village, preparing Dinner. Don't miss to have Dinner, any meals in village. Try once, they don't use Gas for cooking. They use "Chula" taste different.

Real Indian Village Chula, you will miss the amazing taste of village food

Tea shop at Pandukholi - I never forget the tea because of the sweet incident. There was a beautiful small girl, who served. We tried to find out her name but she just passed the smile, so shy with lovely nature. You can also see my black horse (name given to my Pulsar Bike).

Place where we spend our night, available as low as possible like 1200/ per person with two time local meals - simple but authentic village preparation. 

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