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India; One name with many definition – how you want to spend you days in India? Spiritual destination can be In Himalaya’s, next to Ganga in Haridwar or Rishikesh, somewhere around Yogda Ashram Dwaharat or Pandukholi Ashram, Dwarahat or trek to Raudra Dhari Temple, Kausani. 

I been to Click this, Tibetan Flags near Rohtang Pass, Manali , Himanchal Pradesh
The best way to find inner peace and solace is to embark upon Spiritual Tours India. The very thought of this has such a calming impact on mind,
whether it is realized or not. And when it is about paying visits to the temple, then what can be an ideal destination than India. Considered as the place of origin of noted religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism, India has thousands of temples and holy shrines consecrated to various gods and goddesses.

There is no doubt that taking up a tour to temples in India means experiencing spiritual enlightenment and witnessing the elements of aesthetic beauty. Hence, whether you start your traveling from north and gradually reach towards south or head towards west after covering east, the essence of the journey remains the same that is experiencing bliss. All these together give India a special spiritual atmosphere. People from across the world come here to visit the hundreds of pilgrimage centers and experience Moksha. India had had great religious thinkers who wrote extensively about spirituality and peace of mind. For any tourist looking for some soul searching and spirituality, spiritual India tours are the answer.  There are hundreds of pilgrimage centers in India which can be visited by you. But to make your work easier you can choose from the best four pilgrimage centers.

We suggest you to start from Haridwar and Rishikesh both spiritual place are perfect for knowing the meaning of Spiritualism in India. You will get everything Sadhu’s, Baba’s, Ganga, holy mountains, temples and more discover inner self by meeting people different-different people. Mathura and Vrindavan” is one of the most popular pilgrimage centers in India. The city is famous as the land of Lord-Krishna. It is situated on the bank of river Yamuna. Krishna devotees from across the world come here to pray. Vrindavan is famous for its numerous temples. It is 15km away from Mathura. As the story goes, Vrindavan was the place where Lord-Krishna used to frolic with Gopis. Ajmer-E- Sharif is one of the holiest places for Muslims in India. The tomb of Khawaja Mouinuddin Chisti and attracts thousands of devotees from various religions who come here to pray and wish.

Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world. It has been the centre for learning and religion since many ages in India. This holy city is situated on the bank of river Ganga. The ghat is famous for its “evening aartis”. It is considered to give you moksha if you take a dip in the holy river of Ganga. There are many temples and Buddhist Stupas for praying in Varanasi. Amarnath Shrine is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations. The Amarnath cave, located at distance of 114 kms from Srinagr is a very popular pilgrimage centre for millions of Hindus. Amarnath Shrine is devoted to Lord Shiva. An ice Linga (symbol of Lord Shiva) forms there in the cave, every winter. People come to visit that Llinga and pay their tributes.

There are many Pilgrimage Tour packages you can choose from. Amarnath Ji Yatra is one of the most famous pilgrimage tours. It’s a five days tour, which takes you to Srinagar, Baltal and Amarnath. Visit the ice “Linga” which is considered as a symbol of Lord Shiva. Char Dham Yatra is a famous pilgrimage tour package during which you get to see the four important religious centers in India for Hindus. It starts from Delhi and goes to Haridwar, Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Rishikesh.

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour package lets you visit the famous Buddhist religious sites. It takes you to Bodhgaya, Lumbini, Saraswati and Varanasi. Visit the old Stupas, which have been centers of religious studies. Muslim Pilgrimage Tour takes you to all those religious sites in India, which are considered holy by Muslims and people from other religions alike. Visit Ajmer Sharif, Nizamuddin Dargah and many more such places in Delhi, Ajmer and Jaipur.

A pilgrimage tour is a gateway to experience all new feelings. Feelings that make you closer to your creator and let you understand the complexities of life and death. So, pack your bags and come to India to experience spirituality.

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