Benefit of travelling with small travel agent

This is my personal opinion about dealing with a small travel agent because I am also doing the same in travel industry, serving people with best of my knowledge. This can be a positive side of my travel experience that if you book your travel packages, hotels, cars etc with a small travel agent you can get a cheap & best travel deal because they just carry a small set up, they don't have to pay so much for staff, office etc. And the most interesting fact is small travel agent work with low profit. But keep in mind that always deal with reliable, committed & trusted people. In any moment of your tour, holiday, hotels booking if you face any kind of problem, instantly speak to the service in-charge if you problem is not answered then call to your travel agent / consultant for making the right arrangement. Most of the time when I travel think about how to get the best travel deal. This can be the a new experience because as you know that different -2 kind of people find everywhere around the globe.     

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